A Bee's Garden

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Let's discuss some lovely flowers that you can add to your garden to encourage a visit from the honeybees!


We have found, that the best time to observe the honeybees is while they are busy collecting pollen. Some of my favorite plants and flowers that are currently blooming on our property near the beehives are Echinacea, Catmint, Gaillardia, Catnip and Motherwort. The bees are also fans of the flowers of certain herbs such as Thyme or Oregano.

Honey bee on Giant Onion

Although they aren't quite blooming yet, Butterfly Bushes are another favorite and they smell sweet and lovely as well! They have been known to grow incredibly quick. After being cut to within a foot and a half from the ground, the bushes may shoot up to seven feet. Typically, when shopping at your local greenhouse or nursery, most plants and flowers meant to attract hummingbirds and butterflies will also bring the company of a few bees!


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