About Us 

Mary & David Mansur of Tomten Beeworks

Tomten Beeworks is located in the quaint coastal community of Amesbury, Massachusetts. Beekeepers Mary and Dave Mansur have been keeping bees for about 25 years. During that time, Mary has built a loyal following of customers for her hand crafted beeswax candles, suncatchers, honey pot, raw liquid and creamed honey, and an excellent honey-beeswax soap.


All of our products are handcrafted (by Mary or her son Michael) from 100% pure beeswax and raw local honey. Our products are available directly from us at local Farmers’ Markets, Fairs and Festivals and at a few high-quality local retail locations. We are delighted to be able to offer these products to the wider community through this web site.


Our bees are kept using natural beekeeping processes, never using pesticides and always approaching the bees with the utmost love and respect. Every time we are with the bees, we are overwhelmed by the amount of love and sacrifice that each of these admirable creatures show for each other. We do our best to enter into that same mood of love.


“The honeybee lives as if in an air entirely saturated by love.” - Rudolf Steiner


Mary is a Waldorf Early Childhood teacher, teaching at The Waldorf School of Lexington in Lexington, MA. Many years ago she volunteered to work in the children’s candle-dipping room at a Waldorf school’s annual Holiday Fair. The intoxicating smell of the melted beeswax and the profound experience of watching the candles grow, dip by dip, in the children’s hands hooked her forever. Since that time, Mary has perfected her craft and offers the highest quality beeswax products in the area, and has won numerous awards at the Topsfield Fair. The Mansur Family are long standing members of the Essex County Beekeepers Association.